It's me!

Felix Helgesson

Designer with broad expertise and an apetite for new knowlege. 
It’s me!


Designer with broad expertise and an apetite for new knowlege. 

My skills

I love learning new tools to aid me in my work. Here is a list of my skills.






After effects

Pretty good at it!

Adobe XD

Great at it!



Great at it!


Great at it!


Okay at it!


Okay at it!


Okay at it!

Photo / Film



Davinci Resolve


Final Cut

Great at it!​


I have been in the loop for about two years. Before that I have been designing stuff since I learned to hold a pencil. I also had three years of education in my backpack.


Capace Media

Media Agency | Oct 2018 to Sep 2020

At Capace Media in Malmö, I was employed as a Web Developer and Graphic Designer.

My tasks ranged from creating websites in WordPress, making mockups, logos and graphic profiles, to creating photo / film material for various companies. 

As Capace is a broad media agency with a small number of employees, the width of my tasks also increased. 

When the company accepted a new assignment, it was my job to contact the customer and ensure that the project is started, creating according to the customer's wishes and completes it.

As we did not have a project manager, I handled all customer contact from start to finish. Therefore, I had to distribute my time with a lot of precision.

I also worked a lot with content for social media. Created ads for both our company and customers. The material was created mainly with After Effects and Illustrator.

Larger projects were sometimes taken in, including an business system for a moving company. There I was given the task of creating most of the system as a mockup in Adobe XD.

Another was an application for orthopedic medicine. Where my task was to animate all the different movements and exercises in 3D with Autodesk Maya.

  • Web development
    • WordPress
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • PHP
    • Divi
    • Elementor
  • Graphic design
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Adobe XD
  • Photo / Film
    • Lightroom
    • Davinci Resolve
  • Animation / Motion Design
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Autodesk Maya

Malmö University

Lab Assistant | Jan 2017 to Jan 2018

Managing labs and lectures in the course
Computer graphics and Modelling, also approving projects and aided the students during class.

Inet AB

Sales, Advisor, Service | Feb 2017 to Oct 2018

At Inet, practice is that the relationship to the customers is everything. If you treat the customers with respect and take the time to listen to their needs, they will come back.

A must is also to be very well educated on the subject, so you always can give the best service.


Malmö University

Game Development | Sep 2015 to Jun 2018

At the university, everything is about self-discipline. You have the responsibility for your own future and for others in for example group-projects.

The program was focused on the languages C# and C++. 

  • System Developing and Software Architecture
    • Working in group projects with Scrum as the process model.
    • Writing requirement/project documents and finally presenting the product.
  • Game Developing courses
    • C# C++ and Java. Working in group projects developing games in both MonoGame and Unity.
  • Database Technology
    • Creating applications in C# and SQL.
  • Computer graphics and Modelling
    • C++ and Autodesk Maya, creating shaders in Direct X and 3D modelling in Maya.
  • Mobile Web Applications
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Frameworks such as: JQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, Oauth.
  • Approved Bachelor Thesis
    • Developed a 3D game with another student in Unity. We used a Tobii eye tracker to research how a player is interacting with different visual cues in a game level.

Artistic High School

Music | Aug 2009 to Jun 2012